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Drop door Skip Hire

To hire our innovative and convenient drop door skips, get in contact with Rebkoin today.

Rebkoin provides modern drop door skips for hire.
Drop door skips, are a design innovation that allows anyone to dump large heavy waste into a skip.
Using a drop door system, the front of the skip partially opens allowing for wheelbarrow loads to be effectively disposed of in the skip. Thanks to this wheelbarrow access, drop door skips are particularly attractive to building sites as they streamline the waste dumping process, making from a more productive construction site.
We are one of the few companies in Ireland that provide drop door skips, and we have a comprehensive collection of drop door skips for hire all over Laois, Kildare and Offaly.


Advantages of Drop Door Skips

The drop door makes for easy access to the skip. Meaning the skip is perfect for disposing of heavy abnormally shaped loads.

The drop door allows for the easy wheelbarrow access

Drop door skips are available in a range of sizes optimised to the waste disposable needs of your project

Made from the highest quality steel, drop door skips are robust and sturdy

Our Drop door skips for hire are perfect for deployment in building and construction sites, waste management facilities, house clearance projects etc.


For more information on our range of drop door skips, get in contact with Rebkoin today.

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